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Stop by an Ingles Pharmacy during your regular grocery trip today for a safe and fast flu shot. Save time by downloading and completing the Vaccination Consent Form for your state below.

Getting your flu shot from Ingles is fast & safe!

At Ingles, your safety is our top priority! Our Pharmacy is taking steps to make it easy for you and your family to protect yourself from the flu this season.

One-Stop Minimizes Risks

Get your flu shot during your normal shopping trip to minimize exposure. There’s no need to make an extra trip to another pharmacy or doctor’s office. Groceries, prescriptions & flu shots in one place!

No-Appointment Necessary

Get flu shots fast – in 20 minutes or less with no appointment. Just stop by! Increase speed by printing and completing your consent form ahead of time.​

Find your state’s form HERE!

Safety is Our Priority
  • Masks & face shields worn by Pharmacists ​
  • Stations cleaned every 30 minutes
Earn 200 Ingles Fuel Points!

Why should you get a flu shot at Ingles Pharmacy?



Get yourself and your family vaccinated while you shop.



Highly trained Ingles Pharmacists follow stringent COVID-19 safety procedures for vaccine administration.



Ingles Pharmacy offers the most protective flu shots on the market with coverage against 4 strains of flu.

Which flu shot is right for you & your family?

At Ingles Pharmacy, we have options for everyone. Review the facts below to determine which shot is right for each person in your family.​

Senior Citizens
  • Age 65+
  • In stock now
  • No prescription needed
  • Protection against 4 strains of flu.
  • Specially formulated for those 65 to give even better protection
  • Being high-risk for flu and COVID-19, protecting yourself is more important than ever
Standard Flu Shot
  • Ages 3 to 64
  • In stock now
  • No prescription needed
  • Protection against 4 strains of flu
  • Egg-free vaccine available
  • Prevents flu complications
Earn 200 Ingles Fuel Points

Do you have questions about getting your flu shot at Ingles Pharmacy?